MMMLS Days 11 - 22

July has been tough so far. A lot of ups and downs. Not keeping up the MMLS as well as I would like.

A couple days of post-travel lag. A good day or two, a lovely 4th with impromptu party, some really yucky emotional low days (with dentist appointment), a weekend at Feminist Girls Camp, a great writing day, a busy back and forth with no time to write day -- also the onset of a summer cold -- and now a middling day I am trying to recover with the help of tea and mindfulness meditation.

Apparel: Also not as muu-muu as I would like, but trying to be summery. I have new sandle tan lines!

Illustrations from a post "In Defense of the Muumuu."

I also found this great blog post about someone else's "caftan summer," which is really so familiar!

Writing: Some very good days! Some very bad days! Interesting stuff about vengeance and wholeness and the red right hand/rubente dextera via Milton and Horace! Still promising myself to be done in 40 days. (40 days! Nothing ominous there.)

I've become a little obsessed with this World card.It seems to be from a Russian artist who sells things in shutterstock, etc.

Reading: Almost finished with The Son. The structure and plotting is really quite good, and the exploration of character, although the Peter story is a little hard to take after a certain point.

Also, I pretty much read all of the current issue of Vanity Fair the other evening, the one with the controversial (why?) photo of Serena Williams on the cover. I'm a little obsessed with the Fyre Festival, and there was an interesting piece about that in the mag, along with an already somewhat dated analysis of Sean Spicer's masochism.

Dinner: Yes. Best was a puree of kohlrabi, cauliflower, and potato topped with spice stir fried bok choy.

Soundtrack: FYI - the "Red Right Hand" station on Pandora is pretty rad. Also, allow me to remind you how great The The's Hanky Panky album is. Here's a taste:

Random thing: Yesterday I saw robins and goldfinches turning themselves upside down to eat ripe mulberries.