MMMLS Days 8,9,10

Monday started very productively with many things crossed off the to-do list before 9 a.m. It settled into pretty good at-home time, featuring some writing that felt real and good, and ended with great food and fresh blackberry collins and talk and dancing with friends. Also, rain.

Maybe my wooded lot (see below) could have a house like this? Photo from here.
Tuesday was all finances all the time, trying to get a bunch of stuff organized that has not been organized for too long. Evening came and it was gorgeous and balmy, and I thought for sure I could don the mumu and enjoy wine on the deck, but by the time I got the girl home from soccer it was getting blustery, and by the time dinner was made it was raining steadily. I was sad to have missed the perfect summer evening.

Wednesday was a continuation of the finances and two rounds of errands and other preparations for a trip to Chicago. Busy and stressful, but also a walk 1.2 miles home from the car doctors in the bright, mild morning and another walk there in the afternoon. Walking means seeing things and saying hello to people and thinking and breathing. Walking is good.

This has been kind of a hard week so far, or it turned into one. As I have been practicing a meditation regimen of acceptance and openness. I am just trying to be with these feelings. Tomorrow, off to Chicago. (Trying to pack for maximum mumu.)

Apparel: flowy blue blouse ... jeans rolled up ... favorite heather gray tunic

Writing: only on Monday, but it was good

Reading: some magazine stuff ...  some writing research ... need to read novels

Dinner: on Monday i made a terrific watermelon and cucumber salad to share at the dinner party, on Tuesday I made a fantastic chicken and cabbage slaw with chopped almonds, on Wednesday David made sauteed kale and broccoli and beef over rice.

Soundtrack: I've provoked arguments about U2 and Chrissie Hynde

Random thing: I walked past beautiful densely wooded empty lots today and I imagined buying them and cutting the smallest drive into them and building a tiny little cottage on the back of the lot, hidden by the trees.