MMMLS Days 5/6/7

Friday - Saturday was a lot of music. Kids' ensembles at music camp in the afternoon Friday, Black Violin at Cain Park in the evening. Finale camp concert on Saturday. All lovely, and a great peek at Cleveland Heights life for my brother-in-law from St. Paul. We also had a picnic at home before we went to Cain Park.
Waiting to be deviled.
Saturday - Sunday I was really under the weather -- a cold? exhaustion? allergies? -- and i laid low as others went about their business. Revived a bit Sunday evening for Reception and some working time.

Apparel: Denim mini, burgundy flower print athletic halter / skinny jeans and color blotch soft blouse
Writing: A little
Reading: A little ... Also began watching the film Inside Job, about the financial meltdown of '07-'08 (research).
Dinner: The picnic was St. Angel cheese and apple sandwiches on baguette, deviled eggs, watermelon, Greek salad with orzo, and trifle.
Soundtrack: On Friday Brandenburg #3  x2 -- once performed by Z's quintet, once jazzed up by Black Violin. On Saturday, Victoria Williams radio (I've had her "Summer of Drugs" on a continuous loop in my head since I heard the Soul Asylum version on the radio a few days ago).
Random thing: This hawk was near the shuttle pick up for Cain Park. It was standing on some small furry creatures.