MMMLS Days 3 & 4

Day 4 was puttering until the Coffee Break on The Current (my new obsession), erranding, then coffee shop writing. A lot of resistance to writing, but once I got there it was good. In the afternoon/evening, we had a family trip to the gym, to the pool, and then out for celebratory end-of-the-year fondue.

Day 3 was a day of making lists and crossing things off, but not much writing or reading. Two nights of waking at 3 a.m. have taken their toll. Also, today was the day we gave in and turned on the a/c - not very mumu.

The time has come for iced coffee and dry pink wines.
I've been enjoying being with the kids before camp each morning, though, and talking with them in the afternoon. O is at music camp under protest, but each day he is liking it more. Z tried out for and got a rap part for the camp rendition of "My Shot" from Hamilton.

I also enjoyed grocery shopping, because I have been so busy this spring I have done very little. It felt grounded and nurturing. And I enjoyed cooking dinner, and was thankful for the rain because it meant baseball practice was cancelled. The rain also brought the heat down a little.

Apparel:  star leggings, denim mini skirt, green tank with string lace back /cutoffs, comfy gray t-shirt, red wooden beads.

Writing: Day 3 - Not a lot, but I did prepare a poetry submission/ Day 4 - hands in the dirt of the WIP

Reading: Hrm.

Dinner: coconut curry greens over rice with a side of roasted peppers and garlic scapes. yes, yes.

Soundtrack: The Current. It's a thing. / jazzy things

Random thing: Have you ever wondered if someone has statistically analyzed the Pushcart Prizes to rank magazines? I hadn't until I found this, and now I am pleased.