Luxurious puttering, writing, the beginning of the City Fresh season (which means schlepping heavy boxes of vegetables in the blazing heat and talking to people about produce), drinks with friends, and a long, late kids baseball game played under the lights in gloriously cool night air.

early growing season wonderfulness: garlic scapes!

Oh, and during my morning putter, I got sucked into the Coffee Hour on The Current (KCMP 89.3 St. Paul -- a truly great radio station. Streaming here). It's a daily themed listener-suggested block. The theme was songs with women's names -- I suggested "Jolene." They played it! Hashbrowns!

Apparel: A little a-line skirt red rayon with a black and white Chinese lantern pattern, black wide-trim tank (for work time), gray t with silk screened (by Z) Susan B. Anthony quote. SANDALS!

Writing: WIP -- progress on important new scene. There are 5 or 6 more (or 7 or 8?) scenes to write before this draft is technically done ... although I think there is backfill to do too.

Reading: Catching up on this funny bit about writing from the NYer a couple weeks ago.

Dinner: penne with sauteed spinach and garlic scapes (made by David)

Soundtrack: The Current and Preservation Hall Jazz Band radio

Random thing: While watering the garden, I saw many interesting spider specimens, including a shiny, striped little guy like this, which bounces up and down and raises its front legs as it hunts. (It's tiny - a quarter-inch long, tops.
It's called an ant mimic.