And so we begin -- a departure from the old format -- to document my mumu lifestyle (MMMLS), Summer 2017. This is really for me, but if you stumble upon it, welcome. I will try to include links for interesting things.

A mini-manifesto for my mumu lifestyle: comfortable clothes, awesome textiles, decks, porches, parks, cocktails, books, music, writing, friends, family, art, good food, making things, growing things, embracing joy, basking in the sun, noticing.

I started with the mumu lifestyle last year, inspired by a Marimekko number I got at the mass market design-friendly wonder emporium. This year I am taking it a step further.

A lookbook for the collection is here.

Apparel: indigo and white harem pants, black cami, comfy blue t-shirt/tunic (note: Z asked me to "just slip on some jeans" to take her to camp. "That's easy enough," she said.)

Writing: journal, blog, working on WIP - 4.5 hours

Reading: yesterday's NYT and What Is Not Yours Is Not Yours by Helen Oyeyemi (I love this, but it has taken me a long time to read. I'm hoping to start moving more quickly through books now that summer is here.)

Dinner: steak and bean no-tomato chili that I made last night, using bean cooking liquid from last week.

Soundtrack: so far, classical radio on Spotify

Random thing: I'm burning a sandalwood & bergamot candle (for balance, it says) that I've had for maybe 5 years next to a little statue of Kaun Yin. Today I think this will be a summer writing time ritual. Time will tell. The candle has three stripes of aqua blue in varying shades, the darkest in the middle. Incidentally, I have received a large number of candles as gifts this year. I'm ok with this.