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Remembering June

"Green was the silence, wet was the light, the month of June trembled like a butterfly."
Pablo Neruda, from "Sonnet XL," 100 Love Sonnets

MMMLS Days 8,9,10

Monday started very productively with many things crossed off the to-do list before 9 a.m. It settled into pretty good at-home time, featuring some writing that felt real and good, and ended with great food and fresh blackberry collins and talk and dancing with friends. Also, rain.

Tuesday was all finances all the time, trying to get a bunch of stuff organized that has not been organized for too long. Evening came and it was gorgeous and balmy, and I thought for sure I could don the mumu and enjoy wine on the deck, but by the time I got the girl home from soccer it was getting blustery, and by the time dinner was made it was raining steadily. I was sad to have missed the perfect summer evening.

Wednesday was a continuation of the finances and two rounds of errands and other preparations for a trip to Chicago. Busy and stressful, but also a walk 1.2 miles home from the car doctors in the bright, mild morning and another walk there in the afternoon. Walking means seeing things and sayin…

MMMLS Days 5/6/7

Friday - Saturday was a lot of music. Kids' ensembles at music camp in the afternoon Friday, Black Violin at Cain Park in the evening. Finale camp concert on Saturday. All lovely, and a great peek at Cleveland Heights life for my brother-in-law from St. Paul. We also had a picnic at home before we went to Cain Park.
Saturday - Sunday I was really under the weather -- a cold? exhaustion? allergies? -- and i laid low as others went about their business. Revived a bit Sunday evening for Reception and some working time.

Apparel: Denim mini, burgundy flower print athletic halter / skinny jeans and color blotch soft blouse
Writing: A little
Reading: A little ... Also began watching the film Inside Job, about the financial meltdown of '07-'08 (research).
Dinner: The picnic was St. Angel cheese and apple sandwiches on baguette, deviled eggs, watermelon, Greek salad with orzo, and trifle.
Soundtrack: On Friday Brandenburg #3  x2 -- once performed by Z's quintet, once jazzed up by …

MMMLS Days 3 & 4

Day 4 was puttering until the Coffee Break on The Current (my new obsession), erranding, then coffee shop writing. A lot of resistance to writing, but once I got there it was good. In the afternoon/evening, we had a family trip to the gym, to the pool, and then out for celebratory end-of-the-year fondue.

Day 3 was a day of making lists and crossing things off, but not much writing or reading. Two nights of waking at 3 a.m. have taken their toll. Also, today was the day we gave in and turned on the a/c - not very mumu.

I've been enjoying being with the kids before camp each morning, though, and talking with them in the afternoon. O is at music camp under protest, but each day he is liking it more. Z tried out for and got a rap part for the camp rendition of "My Shot" from Hamilton.

I also enjoyed grocery shopping, because I have been so busy this spring I have done very little. It felt grounded and nurturing. And I enjoyed cooking dinner, and was thankful for the rain bec…


Luxurious puttering, writing, the beginning of the City Fresh season (which means schlepping heavy boxes of vegetables in the blazing heat and talking to people about produce), drinks with friends, and a long, late kids baseball game played under the lights in gloriously cool night air.

Oh, and during my morning putter, I got sucked into the Coffee Hour on The Current (KCMP 89.3 St. Paul -- a truly great radio station. Streaming here). It's a daily themed listener-suggested block. The theme was songs with women's names -- I suggested "Jolene." They played it! Hashbrowns!

Apparel: A little a-line skirt red rayon with a black and white Chinese lantern pattern, black wide-trim tank (for work time), gray t with silk screened (by Z) Susan B. Anthony quote. SANDALS!

Writing: WIP -- progress on important new scene. There are 5 or 6 more (or 7 or 8?) scenes to write before this draft is technically done ... although I think there is backfill to do too.

Reading: Catching up on t…


And so we begin -- a departure from the old format -- to document my mumu lifestyle (MMMLS), Summer 2017. This is really for me, but if you stumble upon it, welcome. I will try to include links for interesting things.

A mini-manifesto for my mumu lifestyle: comfortable clothes, awesome textiles, decks, porches, parks, cocktails, books, music, writing, friends, family, art, good food, making things, growing things, embracing joy, basking in the sun, noticing.

I started with the mumu lifestyle last year, inspired by a Marimekko number I got at the mass market design-friendly wonder emporium. This year I am taking it a step further.

Apparel: indigo and white harem pants, black cami, comfy blue t-shirt/tunic (note: Z asked me to "just slip on some jeans" to take her to camp. "That's easy enough," she said.)

Writing: journal, blog, working on WIP - 4.5 hours

Reading: yesterday's NYT and What Is Not Yours Is Not Yours by Helen Oyeyemi (I love this, but it has taken m…