Comforters, philosophers, and lifelong mates!

Just a little check in to let you know I still live and there are still pretty objects.

These are my new kicks, purchased today with *last year's* birthday money from my
mama, along with new bras, tights, and undies! I know how to live. Thanks, Ma!

I went last night to see preview night of the chamber-sized production of Les Mis at a certain local theater. I've never seen this show before but I am familiar with the music. I spent a week or two in the summer of 1988 in between living in Atlanta and New York, hanging out at my friend Andrea's apartment listening and sometimes crazily dancing to songs from the cast album, along with my other bestie Brian. It was a funny soundtrack for us to have, not something I would have guessed this trio to gravitate toward. Brian and I were both theater geeks, but not so much musicals. I'm not sure what else I was listening to then. Varieties of punk & new wave, with some Patsy Cline and Billie Holiday thrown in. Andrea had been one of my punk rock mentors, but by this time she was more of a witch than a punk, and I'm not sure what else she was listening to. I feel like we also had the Dead Milkmen in heavy rotation, but that may have been another summer. But the improbability of it all made it all the more completely ours for that very brief time. After that summer, we all went off to the complexities of the rest of life. I didn't see and barely had contact with either of them again for more than 20 years, I think. I love them both so much. It is sweet to be reminded.

Reading: A lot of student writing, and Dressed for Death by Donna Leon, a Commisario Guido Brunetti mystery, given to me by my brother in law around the time he went to Venice a few years ago.

Writing: I've worked on an article in progress about pastured turkey (did you know that when mink attack they bite and suck the blood of their prey?), and I am trying to do the same writing assignments my students are doing.

Soundtrack: Right now? The Current streaming live into my living room all the way from St. Paul, Minnesotta. They're all, like, Nirvana, Black Keys, Hold Steady this evening. But I still have Les Mis tunes in my head, too.

Random thing: Yesterday a student told me the journal I make them keep was one of the most inspiring things she's ever done. That was a shiny moment.