Notes from airportland

Slow maudlin techno-folk song with the refrain "I never knew you at all" playing in Seattle airport seems ill chosen.

Caramel flan latte? Who wants eggs in their coffee?

Paying for wifi makes me angry

Rick Bayless has an airport kiosk that serves fresh well-sourced food (if you believe the signs, which tell you where all the ingredients come from). Yea, Rick Bayless. I did not eat there because I wanted a waitron to serve me. I am sorry, universe.

And while we are on the subject of karmic debt, I am sorry to all the people who ate less-than-stellar salads at the Pita Potpourri Cafe in Atlanta in 1987-88. I was young, lazy and feckless, and I sometimes left yesterda'ys lettuce in the to-go set-ups, and I am sure that sometimes it was wilty and blah.

Man cheerfully carrying complaining child.

The changing face of airportland: When did light sculpture become the thing?

It is clever to have the museum shop in the airport - good for last minute gifts that don't look totally lame - and also the chi-chi cocktail bar, but has anyone ever really bought a diamond necklace at the fancy schmancy jewelry store? Ever? If you work there, what do you do all day?

Why do the Vosges chocolate kiosk workers all have to look like hipsters? Some of them look very much like they are not hipsters, but they put on hipster costumes to come to work.

How long do you have to spend in airportland before you start to go insane? Edward Snowden was in the Moscow airport for how long?

Reading: class prep

Writing: nope

Dinner: breakfast was the worst bagel ever, in SeaTac, lunch was a decent salad at an Italian sit-down in O'Hare. Dinner TBD, at home

Soundtrack: See line one.

Random thing: It's all random.