A Good Lie-In

In a college drawing class I had to draw all the wrinkles and creases in a pillow
without lifting my hand and without looking at the page. 

Like "scheme" in the sense of plan or system, and ordering drinks "for the interval," the term "lie-in" is a great Britishism I think Americans should adopt. Sure, we all sleep in on weekends, at least the adolescents among us, but we don't have a term for it. "Sleeping in" is an action. A "lie-in" is an event.

So, we had one this morning, a lie-in, and a good one at that. A long lazy morning for everyone in the house. O eventually woke and came in to cozy up in our bed. Z slept and slept and then spent some quite alone time in her room. The cats even got frustrated with us we were all so lazy. David eventually got up to make breakfast, O and I stayed in bed to read and write. Z watched a tv show. It was just as it should be.

Reading: A friend's poetry manuscript, to give feedback.

Writing: Yes, but very slowly and with frustration.

Dinner: I sauteed some bok choy with lots of garlic. I ate it before writers group with some leftover spaghetti. Everyone else ate it later with hot dogs.

Soundtrack: Psychedelic Furs. Psychedelic Furs. Psychedelic Furs. I caught "Flowers" on some college radio show sometime during the day and it was like I was hearing for the first time.

Random thing: In the car on the way to soccer, O and I had a great time listening to Splendid Table. He was totally fascinated by the story about white tea. We had to get out of the car just when Lynne started talking about making fondue. O suggested that sometime I "sit down on the couch with a notebook and take lots of notes while this show is on, and then we can have fondue."

Also, at writers group I was made love to by a very handsome cat.