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Voluptuous Conundrums, or, Day 1 Debrief

I am already a good way into Day 2, so I think it is high time to stop and get my head together about Day 1, as though that is even possible. I am sitting on the lower level of the hidden annex side of the conference center, where I just found some interesting glass sculpture and friendly school teacher from Pheonix, who grew up in North Canton.

Yesterday, I went to more things than I even realized until I looked at my notes just now. A brief rundown:

- Raven Chronicles reading - Here is the lovely serendipity for the day. I came to this panel purely for the name. Donnelle and Seven - two friends from grad school - we're already there, and I discovered a lovely journal - a multicultural journal with themed issues published here in Seattle and featuring, from the panel's evidence some really smart and interesting writers. The title to this post is drawn from a poem by Carletta Carrington Wilson, who spoke.

- Hanging out with my friend Paula, who lives in Cleveland but we don&#…

Welded Art and Old Newspaperwomen

The time change is really affecting me. I can't remember ever being so confused by crossing time zones. I can't figure out when to sleep or eat. Also, when alone and not responsible for other people's forward motion, decision making is confusing. I am slow and a little stupid out here.

And yet, I got to explore Pike Street Market, took a long walk out to the Olympic Sculpture Park, sat for a while by a tiny "pocket beach" right on the sound and watched the waterfowl and the mountains and the freighters, encountered a hipster in an overcoat sitting on a park bench reading an ipad and smoking a meerschaum pipe (honestly, I witnessed this), drank lots of latte, and reconnected with an old coworker.

Today the conference begins in earnest, and my head will crushed.

Reading: Trying desperately to finish Looking for Alaska.

Writing: Note taking

Lunch & Dinner: Lunch, which was also a very late breakfast, because I couldn't figure out sleeping and eating, was at a…

Serendipity and solitude, be my guides (Seattle edition)

I arrived in Seattle yesterday. I've never been to this part of the country before. I'm going to AWP later this week, which if you don't know is a huge writing/teaching writing conference (The schedule alone is 500 pages long. I exaggerate. But, please, never ever use the word "praxis" in a panel title, even if you are in graduate school. More on AWP later.) 

This trip has been in the works for a couple months now, but like  most things in my life recently, if it isn't immediately in front of me I don't have time to consider its reality. It was about half way through the flight from Chicago that I realized I was actually going to end up in the Pacific Northwest. Then a little later as the plane started to descend, I opened my window shade and saw this:

Some things I've noticed:

Mt. Ranier is really big. The airport here has a strangely provisional air to it, like they might tear it down and relocate at any time. There are a lot of pine trees. On the …