Subzero edition

This is what -10 looks like

Reading: I finally finished Teacher Man. At the end of the book, as he retires from teaching at Stuyvesant in New York, his students tell him he should go write a book. This is the last chapter:

It says, "I'll try."

That's a sweet ending. Nice that he went on to win a Pulitzer.

Writing: I'll try. (A little Monday. More today. Need to use the cold to my advantage.)

Dinner: David made pizza: eggplant, mushroom, and pepperoni with red sauce, and black olive and pepperoni with white. We ate it while watching the first half of Jack the Giant Slayer. More on that once we've finished it.

Soundtrack: I've had "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" stuck in my head.

Random thing: 
Catsby Puffball has no concept of cold.