Oh, hello there.

Self-portrait, with yellow Papermate

It's been a while. I've been teaching full time this fall and managing to write some non-blog writing (see below) and trying to tend to my home life at least a little, and so this space has been neglected. I have missed it. I recently told my friend Karen, who keeps a lovely sketching blog, which also sometimes is neglected, that we should make a pact to rededicate ourselves to this funny enterprise.

And so here I am on Boxing Day at the Donkey with a bag of books and a computer. I just finished writing thank you notes to students for holiday gifts. I am planning to see a very long movie about a "greedy, strong, and wicked worm" later today. Each day of vacation is supposed to include reading, writing, exercise, school prep, family time, and good food. I've accomplished three and a half of these so far.

Reading: A Separate Peace by John Knowles, brushing up for school. I have a bunch of other books here too. More on those as the days develop. Have you read Separate Peace? How do you feel about Finny?

Writing: I have been busier with work this fall than most other times in my life, and yet ... I published a short piece about cabbage in Edible Cleveland (winter issue isn't online - pick it up around town), I read out with dear friends in the first installment of a reading/pie/lit. salon series we are trying to float (and this meant writing NEW PAGES of the book-in-progress), and I have two theatrical pieces in the works - I'm part of a great group project and I'm writing a children's play. This is good. Now, if I can just get the book done, finally, please, because there is a character from another book getting very restless in my brain, and also, I have some bits and pieces of new shorter stuff I've been playing with. Check back for daily updates! Really.

Dinner: For Christmas dinner, we had ham and these crazy accordion potatoes my mom made. For the vegetarians and as a side for the meat eaters, I made veggie "strudel."

There are 3 sorts: broccoli & cheddar; mixed greens with walnuts,
raisins, and feta; and rich mushroom and sour cream.
No, I don't understand the angle of this photo.

Dinner tonight is rumored to be scallops from my Nantucket uncle and veggie strudel leftovers. Life is good.

Soundtrack: The music at the Donkey is always eclectic. A bit ago "Comfortably Numb" was on, and I think "Fun, Fun, Fun" by the Beach Boys was just playing (or else why would I have it in my head). Now, there's something on with a bass line I don't recognize.

Random thing: Lamps make the world seem manageable. I recommend lamps.