The Day We Arrived on the Cove (and ate in diners)

I was on the dock crabbing with Orson as soon as we unpacked the car. I saw the colors in the water first, then looked up. 

Evening Rainbow, Flood's Cove.
You can't tell from the photo, but it was actually a double
-- there was a second arc above the one visible here.

A strange half power outtage at Falk Manor drove us out for breakfast (that and the fact that we wanted to take them out to thank them), which we procured at the S&S Dugout Cafe in Southport, on Liz's recommendation.

photo Roadfood,com. Read their review.
They make their own delicious sausage -- a  fresh pork patty with spices. David and I had the hot, which really is hot, along with the house speciality fried mashed potatoes, rye toast, and two eggs over easy. Harris had the sweet, which really is sweet. O had a fine BLT, and Z had another house speciality - rare roast beef on a poppyseed roll.

After that, peach picking, of course! We left Connecticut with 2 pecks of freshly picked peaches crammed into the back of the car and dreams of pies and cobblers and fritters and salsa dancing in our heads. There was heavy rain on the Mass Pike, but all else was uneventful. We probably bought too much at the New Hampshire state store, and really I don't think it is that much of a bargain, but like moths to the flame we must visit their well-stocked aisles. And then ... too hungry to drive all the way to the cove without another meal, we stopped at the trusty Brunswick Diner, where I ate a SALAD and excellent crusty homefries mixed with other VEGETABLES, while my people had fried seafood, and who can blame them?

Photos of Brunswick Diner, Brunswick
This photo of Brunswick Diner is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Our children are becoming creatures of ritual and habit. At girls' camp recently, Z and her friends were careful to keep track of all the things they have done in years past that they had to get just-so this time. And today on pulling into the parking lot in Brunswick, Z exclaimed happily, "Oh! This is the place we always go!" and O said, "Yeah! It's the place with juke boxes on the tables!"

I am very aware that these are their formative memories. If I think about it too hard I get all wibbly wobbly.

And then the drive up US 1 and windows opened to let in the scent of ocean and pine and kids going crazy in the back seat with anticipation of finally having arrived. When we got here, we had to visit the water and pull up a few crabs and visit the woods to check on the fairy houses. We also had a run in with a very rambunctious white standard poodle staying near the dock at the Defiance.

Reading: I sat with Z and read the Fuller book (see yesterday), while she played Minecraft. I was reading Haroun and the Sea of Stories to them at home (begun before I knew I would be teaching it this coming year), and neglected to bring it ... I need to find a local copy or break down and buy an electronic copy.

Writing: No. But Wednesday is the day.

Dinner: Tertia had a light supper of minestrone and local Borealis bread waiting for us. And a blueberry pie. I am a fortunate soul.

Soundtrack: The Sidney Bechet disk David picked up at the Westport library sale Monday was just the thing for our jaunt to the peach orchard. The Life on Mars soundtrack helped make the Mass Pike bearable, and Elvis brought us up Highway 1.

Random thing: No pictures of fairy houses yet, but crabs ...