Maine Vacation days 1&2 (not yet Maine)

Sleepy people 

Friday I finished my tenure at a job I have been working hard at for a year and a half? Two years? Five? Depends on how you count it. I stayed late to try to leave things as neatly as I could. After 11 I turned out the lights and whispered goodbye and thank you and good luck, and I drove home crying with the windows open to the humid night air. Crying because of endings, because of change, because I made this happen and I hope I have done the right thing. In one month I will begin the next thing.

Saturday was packing and shopping and attending a theater people wedding. And Sunday was the long drive to Westport to see old friends in their new(ish) house.

Along the way we ate here - food was ok, people were great.

Harris I have know for ... 24 years? ... Liz for what must be nearly 10. I was very very pregnant with O, in an elegant black prego lady dress, when I stood in their wedding party 8 years ago. Little Z tossed flower petals and after the revelry had worn her out slept on two chairs pushed together near the coat closet while we danced into the night.

And today, I slept in until 11. I really could've slept all day. We ate. We went to a library book sale, played ping pong by the estuary, swam, and ate some more. I got precipitously tired and hungry and dehydrated and low in the late afternoon but bounced back.

The rest of this trip is really more of a working vacation. Much writing and reading and planning to do. I plan to keep you posted .

Reading: Don't Let's Go to the Dogs Tonight by Alexandra Fuller.

Writing: This is it. But I have a short script I have been ruminating on. Does that count?

Dinner: Harris grilled pizza and burgers and corn. Liz made a lemon yogurt cake. Also we drank their wine. It was all great, and I am fighting the impulse to feel like a mooch. Sometimes you let other people take care of you. Right?

Soundtrack: As we cleaned up after dinner, Liz asked what contemporary music I like, if any.  I insisted I am a bad person to ask. Randomly I suggested Whitehorse and The Black Keys and then realized that was funny. Dear reader, you are welcome to make other suggestions.

Random thing: O is recently obsessed with Risk, Z with building fanciful themed structures in Minecraft. These will shape the vacation .


  1. Feeling very homesick for you all right now. Much love to everyone!

  2. I am going to hug you so hard very soon!


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