Fritters and Fizzes

Morning by the fire - father and son

Second full day and the rhythms are being established. O loves to play human bellows with the fire, which burns each morning. He got his fishing in with his grandmother, and went kayaking and boating with his dad. Z went kayaking too and says that we should make it a goal to kayak every day. a good goal. She is also enchanted by the How to be the Best at Everything book David picked up at the library sale. (That was a useful library sale!) I continue to read and write, and got lots of time on my rock (will post pics of which another day)..

For breakfast David made peach fritters (Connecticut peach dish #2), and they were good.

We were joined in the afternoon by summer friends Michelle and Bob and their son C, who will keep us company and drink cocktails (see below) with us for several days.

And my father in law was heard to utter this: "The end that's in the middle is I don't know why."

Reading: The Fuller and also The Odyssey. The latter out on the rock.

Writing: Yes, in bed, on the porch, and on the rock. Making progress in draft and making realizations about how to streamline structure.

I mixed Michelle a promised belated birthday cocktail, namely
a cucumber lime gin fizz, with a cilantro garnish (apt as the gin
was Boodles, which has a coriander note in its botanicals).

Dinner: Ken and Connie brought their pizza maker to provide the appetizers. Tertia made beef stew for dinner, with a salad and good cheese bread from town. I made peach compote (Connecticut peaches dish #3) with cranberries, honey, spiced rum, and spices to go with Michelle's homemade salted caramel ice cream. It was a rainy evening, and this meal was just right.

Soundtrack: I'm big enough to admit it. I had Eddie Rabbit's I Love a Rainy Night in my head all evening.

Random thing: First sighting of an osprey flying home from the water with a large fish clasped in its talons.