Looking forward on a Friday morning

Not forward looking, but still very fine.
 The Paul Weller News facebook page sent me this gift this morn.

This is not an apology post for not posting (David would hate that), but it is a brief reflection on what not posting means to me.

So, as I have explained previously (and might return to provide links for here), the goal of this particular blog is to record the things that capture my interest or pique my emotions and the often fleeting chains of thought that go with them. I had a good stretch of doing this daily, and I really value that. But I am not going to get bent of of shape for not doing it as regularly. Life intervenes. I am lucky my days are so full.

But what of all those details of the past several days? The time I was listening to a tribute to Sidney Bechet on college radio when I turned into a parking lot and when I returned to my car 20 minutes later, after the top of the hour, someone was playing a Talking Heads song the name of which I do not know? Or the conversation I had with Z about friend angst and not prying but being here if she needs to talk? Or the hilarious way the cats rush to the windows at dawn to watch the birds wake?

Sometimes I do try to sum it all up, but I want to release myself from the need to return and document the past several days. It is not as though I have a lack of new experiences or ideas. Trying to hold onto all of those things is a kind of hording, and hording is a habit I am trying to break in general. Let's trust in the thing to come rather than cling to the thing that is past. I will endeavour tonight to tell you about today, the day before O's 8th birthday, when my mother and my nephew and I will work the bookfair and bring treats to school and go birthday shopping and then we will all go to the school carnival and I will come home exhausted and wanting whisky.

This does all beg the question ... Toni, don't you record those details somewhere else? Is this blog your only journal/diary/notebook/sketchpad? ... There is an entire blog post in this question. I will return to it on a day when I have nothing else to say. OK?

Reading: Non-obsessive readers have asked me what Dillard book it is I am so impressed with. If you kept up, you would know ... ::sigh:: ... but I will tell you it is For the Time Being, and it is odd and wonderful. I read slowly - my Kindle says I am still only 45% through it. I promise, I will go into more detail ... in the future. This is not hording. This is bookmarking. Before I go on to the next book I am reading, I will go into my thoughts on this one.

Writing: Actually, I have not been blogging because all my text generating time has been spent working on the North Beach scene requested by my writers group.

Dinner: It's mostly been hasty eating around here lately. Last night, before her violin recital, Z requested we have the family feast of spaghetti and meatballs (frozen meatballs not homemade, alas). David made awesome garlicky broccoli to go with.

Soundtrack: Back on a Paul Weller kick. Listening to Wildwood in the car the past couple days. It's funny to me how much I disliked this album when I first bought it, back in the early-mid-90s. I wasn't ready for it. I wanted Paul Weller to stay the Paul Weller of my youth. But part of what I lave about Paul Weller is that he continues to evolve as an artist. That and he's really hot.

Random thing:  I wore a vintage cotton lawn dress to Z's recital with a vintage lacy slip underneath. This is the perfect warm weather outfit. The women of the world deserve more cotton lawn. This fabric has gone out of style, but I challenge my fashion designing friends to bring it back.