Again, I will start with the poem of the day. I picked it special, in light of the news of the day. It is by Sharon Olds (whose most recent book just won the Pulitzer).

originally published July 1980 : Poetry Magazine

Before the news of two bombs at the Boston Marathon, I had been contemplating a way to sum up my long, busy weekend in one tidy blog post. I kept thinking of beginning lines.

I spent the weekend in the Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts and was surprised to find how much it felt like Athens Co. ...

I spent the weekend at a reproductive justice conference and was challenged to begin to rethink my own ideas about gender ...

I spent the weekend at a conference about social justice in the context of sexuality and families and women's wellbeing, interpreted broadly (housing, immigration, queer identity, prisons, gender-based violence, media access, drug policy, food, and on and on, in addition to parenting, pregnancy, abortion, and contraception), and I came away struggling not to be overwhelmed by all that needs to be done ...

Yes, and then, bombs in Boston. At the fucking marathon. Will we be forced to fear public places? Public space is sacred space to me. It is this that hurts me as much as lives lost and people, so many people, injured. Yet, there are so many places where terrible violence is happening, bombs and deaths, the idea of safe public space suspect. My heart is hurting for all of this. It is horrendous when it reaches so close to me -- my husband is a runner, I had acquaintances in the race yesterday, friends in the city, the city is here in my homeland - but the violence is everywhere.

I am overwhelmed by all that needs to be done.

Reading: Read two interesting pieces about food - a book review and a TV review - in recent issues of the NYer. I will post about them on some other, more frivolous day.

Writing: Thought about it. And also read an article about an artist obsessed with one painting for years and years that made me, of course, doubt myself. More on that too, maybe.

Dinner: Monday night pizza was plain white pizza and a green salad. (I like to eat the vinegary salad on top of the rich and garlicky pizza.)

Soundtrack: My hostesses this weekend in MA, Kat and Jen, went to a Carolina Chocolate Drops concert on Saturday, prompting me to listen to them when I was puttering  in the house today. Among other things, I like their version of this Ethel Waters song:

Random thing: Poem of the Day (for April Poetry Month): See above.