"You make really awesome pizzas. Just so you know."

"The orange cat and I, we are playing a
dangerous and vexingly noisy game.
But I am cute and you will forgive me.
Now, where is my almond?"

And then there are some days when the scope of time seems to shift, and the time after school and work is generous and encompassing and people get to do more than they were counting on. Today was one of those days (even if the gerbils and the cats woke me up 3 times last night). No matter that when I left for work it was 51 degrees, and when I left to pick up Z from school it was 36 degrees and blowing hard, for it is winter still and it is Cleveland, which as Z and I established to a rousing oompa rhythm as we sang in the car: "It is warm and then cold and then warm and then cold and then warm and then warm and then warm and then cold, cold, cold, cold and then warm again, until it is cold."

Reading: Read New Moon's Arms during O's basketball practice. And I did begin the completion chapter in last night as promised. Now tonight to complete it.

Writing: 40 minutes of morning writing and a work plan for the week. Back in the saddle. Yeehaw.

Dinner: It's Monday and the pizza had red red sauce, salami, nicoise olives, and slivers of fresh red bell pepper. Cheese was a combo of mozzarella and parm. With a multi-lettuce and napa cabbage salad.

Z helped me put the toppings on and she said, "You make really awesome pizzas. Just so you know."

Soundtrack: During violin practice, Z and I kept finding the same bad violinist online playing every single thing we were looking up. He was a little too young to be an expert, as touted, and  he was often playing off key, even as he was demonstrating scales, and yet there he was, and there, and there, and ... there. Eventually we started laughing about it.

Today's love song, randomly plucked from my brain, is "Walking on the Moon" from The Police's second album, in a live performance from 1983.

1. Those Synchronicity costumes were dumb. 2. Stewart Copeland is a fucking awesome drummer.

Random thing: At the end of the night, we watched another episode of Dick van Dyke, which featured an exchange kind of like this:

Rob: (to the other man and two women) We'll make it democratic. Let's take a vote.
Laura: Well, we can see how this is going to turn out.
Rob: We'll take a vote, and in the case of a tie, the men will decide.
Laura: I see, so this is the kind of democracy Thomas Jefferson would have wanted.


Also, at bball, O's friend C looked up in the middle of a drill, amused by something the coach had said, and he looked so completely like his mother that it took me by surprise. I might have gasped, if I were given to that.