Segmented sleep (the good kind) & Punk rock love song

Having exhausted all of the permitted screen time for the day, the children and I spent the end of the evening reading together in the living room. When we got sleepy, we downloaded the next Borrowers book from the library website onto my kindle and went upstairs and read together in bed. First me to them, then all of us with our own books. O and I dozed off first Tiger purring between us and Z kept on for a while on her own before turning out the lamps and snuggling up against me. (She is rereading the Harry Potter books, on Book 2 now, determined to "know everything there is to know about Harry Potter." To that end we also downloaded an unofficial HP quiz book onto my kindle this evening.)

I woke an hour later, after "first sleep" and found myself awake enough to sit up and work. The children slept on either side of me as worked in the computer in the dark. They are both getting so big, but at moments like this I still feel like they are my babies. David came home and we poured them into their own beds, then sat up together and talked and read and wrote. Now finally onto "second sleep." (For more on first and second sleep, the Wikipedia on segmented sleep is v. interesting:

Reading: New Moon's Arms & beginning Borrower's Aloft 

Writing: Some non ToT writing.

And in the reading and writing vein, I share this snippet from an interview with Junot Diaz about having a slow writing process:

from NPR's Talk of the Nation last fall, on the occasion of Diaz's MacArthur grant

Dinner: The whole fam had pub food at Brennan's and ice cream at Sweetie Fry -- the chocolate chili ice cream really is spicy.

Soundtrack: Day 3 of the Paul Weller love song love fest. Today we go back to The Jam and this awesome angry young lad version of "Slow Down."


Random thing: So February 11th marked the two-month anniversary of the revival of Shiny Things. If I had time enough I'd go compile some statistics, but no. I am, however, thinking of changing up my format somehow -- maybe to make the food part more prominent -- and also of making the whole enterprise more anonymous and leaving the url with my name attached for a more professional site. Not sure.

In the meantime, I recommend one of my favorite early posts, from the first incarnation of Shiny Things: "Dining in Nirvana with Little Steven"