Overwhelmed Bird

I found this image by searching for "overwhelmed magpie."
I find it very soothing, and it makes me want to do paper crafts.
(image from a pretty Canadian crafting/vintage blog called Mlle Magpie)

I feel overwhelmed by life, the world, finances, obligations, desires, options, constraints, a messy house, public shooting rampages, weather events, the whole of the Internet, all the books I want to to read and to write, the places I want to travel to, the person I want to be, the person I am, the people I live with, aging, wardrobe, all the back issues of the New Yorker I will never read, a longing for people gone away or dead, a longing for springtime, a longing for summer, that coat at the dry cleaners I keep forgetting to pick up, taxes, my inability to create more minutes in a day, and a deep, deep desire to have a sequestered sleep vacation.


I have read things and I have written things, many things of different sorts and for different reasons. I am overwhelmed by all that is not yet read or written. I have also been neglecting the ToT and I can hear it rattling and complaining over there on my desk.

Dinner: Monday, for President's Day, my dearie Jess and her monkeys came all the way from their compound far out east to spend the afternoon with us. I made Jess my famous ginger lentil soup (served with a drizzle of balsamic). There is a whole blog post in this soup, but not today. I lamely facilitated the making of pizzas for the children. Somehow imagined it as an event, but it didn't really play that way. Pizzas were good though.

Tuesday, I made another old standby - curried cauliflower over cheese ravioli (from Michelle Urvater's M-F Pasta book).

Soundtrack: Z's orchestra is doing a mini arrangement of Smetana's "Moldau" this spring. She hurt her wrist and couldn't practice on Tuesday, so instead we listened to the real thing. It is a tone poem about the Czech river Vltava, and it gets very loud!

Random thing: When you sit on my living room couch, the ticking of the two clocks on this floor is loud and syncopated.


  1. You can only do so much, but what you do (and have done) is awesome. <3


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