Opening, midpoint, and new obsessions

If you have never peaked inside, you owe to yourself to do so. Actually wait a couple months and go in the springtime during the day, so you also get the effect of the courtyard.

 Tuesday, I didn't see the State of the Union, because I was seeing David's show. I of course am not objective, but Double Heart is one of the best things he's written. It is in verse, as a prequel to Much Ado About Nothing, and he has managed to make that seem effortless and natural. His ensemble of actors does a fantastic job too. (Other perfs listed here: )

It opened in the Alcazar hotel in Cleveland Heights. The lobby of which is a Moorish confection. This hotel was once a hot spot for celebrities passing through town.

Thus we reach the midpoint of one of the most difficult seasons of the year - outreach tour season. More on this, perhaps, on the morrow.

Wednesday, tired and headachey from staying up too late 3 nights in a row, but also feeling very centered and full of good ideas.

Reading: On Tuesday, sat with O and read while he was doing his reading for school. We brought the gerbil cage downstairs so they could hang out with us too. And at bedtime on Tues and again Wed morning, reading the completion chapter in Fearless Creating.

Writing: Tues: 30 minutes in a.m., yes
Wed: afternoon block of 2 hours.

Dinner: Tues: feast at Aladdin's with Sarah and Becky before play. The chicken shishtawook pita roll is one of my favorite things anywhere. Grilled chicken, pickles, turnips, garlicky garlic sauce. Makes me think of a friend I have lost touch with.

Wed:  inspired by the trend of fancified french fries, I concocted sweet potato fries topped with barbecued beans (pinto and navy, with onions, garlic, peppers, tomatoes, and barbecue sauce), plain yogurt and white cheddar.

Soundtrack: David sent me a video of Bruno Mars at the Grammy's on Sunday, doing "Locked out of Heaven" with Sting joining him on stage to do a bit on "Walking on the Moon" (a song that I posted completely coincidentally on Monday). The video's been taken down now, and it is taking me forever to find another. Let's jsut say, I am developing an obsession with Bruno Mars. Really, an obsession with his super cool band. Dance, horn players, dance!

And, for Wednesday's love song entry - "Absolute Beginners" because David's show is about beginners (who end sadly), and because Nina recommended it at the beginning of the month. This version is live from 2000.

Random things: On Tuesday, on our way from the restaurant to the Alcazar, I was trying to get the kids to get their yayas out before sitting down for the show, so we -- three adult women and two kids -- were making loud fart noises all the way down the block, competing to out do one another. We were so loud, we turned the heads of passing cyclists.

Heard on the radio that I could order a 4-foot teddy bear and have it overnighted in time for Valentine's Day. Does it make me old that I can't even imagine why someone would think that was a good idea?

My new secret obsession is the red tea latte at Pheonix, especially when the cute barista makes pretty art on the top.


  1. Meant to include link for David's play:

  2. Reading with the gerbils is sweet, but do not leave the cage on the dining room table. I returned home to find Tiger nudging it toward the edge. Really, he has the power to do that.


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