Like it or not, she's a pre-teen

"I'm not going to go head over heels just because someone has a song on the radio."
Z's true birthday festivities, including sleepover with oldest friends, feasting, incessant viewing, Just Dancing, and a trip to a nail salon for fancy manicures, to YogurtVi for fancy yogurt (but really, what is so great about this stuff? I am not convinced), and to the pet store for a pair of gerbils. OK, enough with the birthday festivities. We have gerbils now. They are very cute.

Also, made menu plan, now making reading/writing plan.

Reading: Yes

Writing: Yes

Dinner: Ziti with smashed meatball sauce (secret ingredient: canned tomato soup. seriously. It's good. ... True story: I had a boyfriend when I was in high school who made spaghetti sauce with canned tomato soup and ground beef. Probably some sort of mid-century housewifery passed on to him by his mom. Tomato soup has a sweetness that is actually very appealing in a sauce. I would venture to say, mine, made up largely of last night's meatballs and a cup or so of rich spaghetti sauce, supplemented with a third of a large-size can of tomato sauce, was better than his) and buttured broccoli.

Soundtrack: Radio Disney. What else? I the car, a song by One Direction came on and friend A asked friend M, "Which one do you like better?" At first friend M thought she meant which song, but friend A finally said, "No, which member of One Direction do you like better? But Harry and Niall are already taken, just so you know." Friend M gasped a little, "Oh, I only l like their music. I don't really care about them." Then after a few beats, she added, "I'm not going to go head over heels just because someone has a song on the radio."

Random thing: I like this set of photos of abandoned places - It reminds me of coming across Norman ruins at the end of a residential street in Canterbury. I will try to find a photograph, but not right now.