Continuing the children's education in American comedy ...

Have I ever mentioned I like waterfowl?

O, who is enamored with the poetry of Shel Silverstein, asked me to read "The Meehoo with and Exactlywatt"* (from Light in the Attic, scroll down for complete text) while we were snuggling up for a catnap. This cracks him up, so I told him he needed to see "Who's on First." We watched this version later in the afternoon, after getting home from the library. This totally cracked him up.

Plays for the play festival for which I am reading.
Hoping before sleep to get to the chapter on "completion" in Fearless Creating by Eric Maisel. I like this book a lot, and I have been using it piecemeal for many years. It is kind of an Artist's Way without the spiritual element. And, no, it is not at all ironic that I have been meaning to read this chapter for more than a week.

Writing: I talked more about writing than I did it. Brunch and conversation with longtime writer friends Catherine and Lee and discussion of producing a reading or suchlike event. Then this evening going to the second installment of a storytelling series called Cleveland Talks at the  Bottlehouse. Tonight's theme was about health and healing, and my friend Lynda, a doctor and a writer, shared a nicely edited version of an essay she wrote about the death of a patient. I had thought several times in the weeks leading up to this of putting myself on the list of storytellers. I wish that I had. Alas. Lesson noted, if not learned.

Dinner: I needed something simple to make in a hurry, and thought of making risi e bisi (Italian rice and peas), but lacking the bisi I just made cheesy risi and a side of lemony buttery Brussels Sprouts. Brugesi cheesy risi.

Soundtrack: O and I were rocking the P-funk on the way to the library.

I did not watch the Grammy's, but for today's love song ... in keeping with my O dominated afternoon and in honor of Akron's own Black Keys, who I understand did well this evening, here's a live version of "You're the One":

Random thing: This morning I saw Canada geese walking on the ice of the pond in Rockefeller Park, and then on the west side, I saw a huge white birch tree with branches full of chattering starlings silhouetted against the blue sky.

*The Meehoo with an Exactlywatt

Knock knock!
     Who's there? 
     Me who?
That's right! 
     What's right?
     That's what I want to know!
What's what you want to know? 
     Me, who? 
Yes, exactly!
     Exactly what?
Yes, I have an Exactlywatt on a chain! 
     Exactly what on a chain?
     Yes what?
No, Exactlywatt!
     That's what I want to know!
I told you - Exactlywatt!
     Exactly what?
     Yes what?
Yes, it's with me!
     What's with you?
Exactlywatt - that's what's with me.
     Me who?
     Go away!
Knock knock...