A sight worth seeing. A vision of you.

Hey, it's Friday.

Reading: The kids and I finished Borrower's Afloat all cuddled up and cozy in bed. Z immediately said, "Now you need to get the next one," which is definitely true, as this book ends with them still on their perilous journey to the miniature village of Little Fordham.

And, be still my beating heart, I just discovered there is a recent British TV version of Borrowers in which Pod is played by Christopher Eccleston (my Doctor) and Stephen Fry appears as Mildeye.

I was going to read more but David came home earlier than expected, so we drank rye whiskey and watched Doctor Who (Smith not Eccleston).

Writing: 9 hour work day, soccer practice carpool, and a tv date = none. Here is the conundrum. People finish books while raising children and working jobs, some people even say it is better that way ... I am not despairing. I am just continuing to try to find the way to get it done. We all have this struggle, right?

The weekend is here.

Dinner: Ordered in pizza. But found this fabulous blog, by way of friend Kali: theveganstoner.blogspot.com/ Illustrated, humorous, practical, and creative vegan cooking for the time and money strapped. I love it, and I am nowhere near vegan, but I want to incorporate some of these recipes into my weeknight menus. Check back for reports!

Soundtrack: So for today's love song installment, we will go to my very favorite band ever, and here is a live version of Blondie's "Picture This."

I was in love with Blondie from the time I first heard our roommate Sue play Parallel Lines when I was 8 years old. I know this album so well it is probably encoded in my children's DNA. I was even a member of the Blondie fan club. As a middle school student I had a button that said "Blondie is a group." Debbie Harry was my first introduction smart, ironic, subversive gender performance. I really sometimes feel that my spiritual home in the space-time continuum was New York City in the 70s.

Random thing: On the way out to soccer, I asked Z's friend and arch-nemesis V what music he likes to listen to and he thought a moment and said, "80s music." I said, "What kind of 80s music? Like, Guns-n-Roses and Poison 80s music or, like, Duran Duran and The Police 80s music?" (I know, I know. There are other kinds of 80s music. I know!) He asked me to repeat the question then answered, "Uh, the first kind, I guess. I don't know what the other kind is."