Weird imagery and we have a winner ...

I feel like I dreamt this in the future past.
(See the rest of the series.)

No, really. I'm going to do this in 20 minutes. Starting now, at 9:57:30 PM.

What to say about the day?

  • Mornings always have precisely 34 more minutes of stuff in them than time. 
  • O came home very emotional and complaining of a headache. He ended up having a temperature of 100.2.
  • Tiger was the ultimate shoulder cat during dinner prep this evening. He likes to inspect every ingredient -- with eyes and nose. I talk to him like he might understand me.

Reading Moving along with the Nalo Hopkinson, whilst O read Order of the Pheonix and Z practiced violin. (O has been without a chapter book since finishing Big Joke Game, and while I have nothing against his reading the Lego catalog obsessively, I do think a person needs a chapter book. Yesterday, I challenged him during a down moment by saying he had a choice - he could either go clean his room for 20 more minutes, or he could go search for a new chapter book to read. He came downstairs beaming and holding the Harry Potter. As he quickly pointed out, he's heard the first four. Now he's ready to read the next.)

Writing: Only the tiniest bit this morning. Hoped for some time this evening, but spent more time on food than writing. Tomorrow is a big writing day for me - afternoon and evening childminding help.

Dinner: What we call "chicken cakes" -- they are mushroom and cheese stuffed chicken breast, which are then molded into perfect little cakes (prefab) -- and oven fries, and a butter braised combo of fresh peas, and diced carrots and parsnips.

Soundtrack: While I cooked, I listened to Sufjan Stevens, recommended by Karly Whitaker, the winning entrant in my evening's Facebook contest! Congratulations, Karly! You won because your suggestions most closely matched my desire for the unknown tonight. What did I think? I was weirded out by the length of his not one, but two Christmas albums, and I liked individual songs more than albums, and the older folkier stuff more, in general though not song by song, than the more recent electronica stuff. I do like the back-up singers and the horn section, as well as the futuro-retro-trippy vibe in this appearance on Jimmy Fallon:

Thank you to all who played along in my Hivemind Musical Cookery Challenge. All entrants will automatically be recycled into the next contest.

Random thing: These images ( - I got them from Lisa's FB post) - color photos of Paris in the early 1900s - so science fiction wonderful. Maybe we begin to see what the world perhaps looked like in a totally different era. Somehow the flower carts - some to of the most mundane of images - are oddest to me. Reminds me of a story I want to write about aniline dye ... really.

And ending at 10:39, but I dozed off for a few minutes while in the process (sorry) and then had a conversation with David when he got home from rehearsal ... so kind of like 20 minutes of actual blarg.  Now, to bed ...


  1. You cannot tell the boy what to do. But you can make suggestions, and provide interesting bits of information.

    Over the weekend I suggested, if he were impatient for the summer to begin, and with his sister having seen all the films now, he might like to read book number 5 on his own.

    He said it would be too difficult to read. I mentioned that HDT (his age) was reading it right now. And his classmate V. who is currently on book 4.

    And then you provided the opportunity for him to make the decision entirely on his own. Teamwork!


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