We call him the Pasha

I think my son had the laziest Sunday morning of his life. We all had lazy mornings, but his was stupendous. O woke up a bit before 8 and crawled into bed with us for a half hour before engaging in a Pokemon video marathon in his underwear. After breakfast, David took Z to her soccer game (she won), and O turned to me and said, "Can we just cuddle for a while?" So we cozied up together, which was fine with me, because I have been operating on a major sleep deficit and relish any opportunity to close my eyes. I dozed for 20 minutes while he lay quietly. When I woke and asked him what he thought about while lazing like that, he said, "My mind is full of all kinds of things."  Then he asked, "Is today a school day?" I told him it wasn't, and he said, "Geez, this weekend feels so-o-o-o long." I told him we were lucky, and I got up to putter in the kitchen. He stayed in bed and read Ninjago books, then twenty-five minutes later called down the stairs announcing his intention to "just lie around and think about things for a while more." I went upstairs at 12:15 and found him asleep. I woke him trying to take his picture.

The Pasha in repose.

Reading: My own manuscript, does that count? And 5 pages of Madeleine's Ghost, and Borrower's Afloat.

Writing: Working on the structure stuff, seeing things to write and things to cut. I owe something to my group. It will have to wait until the morning.

Dinner: Roasted root vegetables, inspired by the recipe for which in Earth to Table, but I couldn't find jerusalem artichokes, and I add a toss with balsamic when they came out of the oven. Plus Kim's scarlet barley (barley with beets and lemon juice).

O, halfway through the meal: "I think I'll be having more root vegetables."

Soundtrack: Exotic animals day: Tame Impala's Lonerism, which I saw described on a comment thread last week as "the cure for cancer," which I assume means that listener thought it was really, really good. My favorite song was "Elephant." The rest was fine, good even, but nothing I felt impassioned about. Psychedelic Beatles are not my favorite influence. And a High Llamas album from several years ago, because it was something else had seen referenced and decided to check out. (I make no claims to being hip these days.) The High Llamas, you might know, sometimes worked with Stereolab. As David said,  "This is Stereolab." That's ok. I like Stereolab.

Random thing: Interviewed by a friend for a project she is working on, I cried about losing my first son, Calvin, for the first time in a long time. Cried, really, about how totally alone we felt in our grief. Calvin's 12th birthday is coming up in March. I'm sure he'll show up here more.


  1. ... as opposed to Radiolab, which I hate.

  2. "My mind is full of all kinds of things." Just fabulous!


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