Sick Day, with shoes, movies and a special guest blogger!

Woke up puking sick, so my day was spent sleeping with cats, nibbling crackers, browsing shoes online, sleeping, and watching Netflix. Oh, and booking my face.

[Shoe fetish warning. Scroll down for movie mentions and a mini guest blogger post below all wacky footwear.] 

Elena posted these shoes on FB, and they consternated me. 

 I appreciate them conceptually and even get the kink appeal,
but as a lover of shoes as practical art, I find them troubling. 
The post sent me to the website selling them, KarmaLoop, and down a rabbit hole of extreme shoes. I love shoes. And it is interesting how split my reactions to many of the shoes here is. I just frankly don't get the huge platform stripper shoe trend, and I feel old admitting that. (But here's a good take down of the designer and the trends he is imitating.) Wedge sneakers are growing me though, especially in weird ice cream colors. Still so many of the shoes on this site, I wouldn't wear these days, but I am glad to know there are people out there who do. 

These ones I love though, and I would invent reasons to wear them. 

And these. Where can I wear these? Will you please throw a party to which I can wear these? 

After some crackers and a nap, I watched Margin Call because it's about the mortgage-backed securities meltdown, and I have an interest in that for a character. Indie film with a great cast (and now I have a full blown thing for both Paul Bettany and Zachary Quinto), Kevin Spacey getting a little Gene Hackman-y. It's very well written, and shot well too. Also The Trip with Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon, well because Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon. I have a feeling most people find this movie intolerable. I find it amusing as hell.


Dinner: buttered rice and ginger ale


Random thing: My friend Julie, with whom I saw the play and ate marrow with last week, wrote this to me this morning, and I told her I liked it so much I would put it on the blog:

"We had a lunch presentation today by a delightful Wisconsinite. He was from Chilton, a teensy town in the middle of no where. From the accent, I would have placed him in northern Canada. We all just sat there, dreamy, looking at his Nordic chapped face and his blue eyes, listening to that lovely accent, and sympathizing with him about the Packers. 'After all, we are Browns fans....' Above all, this man loves the extra hard limestone he quarries from his snowy, family owned land. His slides were shitty and charming. It made me realize that, soul sucking big box retail homogenization notwithstanding, we still live in a nation with regional identity." 
It was a good way to start the day, reading this. And then the puking, alas. Tomorrow is another day.