Remember when it was far away in the future?

This has nothing to do with my pasta.
Winter break ends today. Remember when it was far away in the future?

I went in to work for a few hours this afternoon, to play catch up and get ready for my new "associate," who starts tomorrow. But mostly the day was spent getting organized for kids back in school and David commuting to Elyria for the week, which included planning menus, writing, and watching O's last soccer game of the season.

A bit Madeleine's Ghost before bed.

Cookbooks, of which we got 4 for Christmas - more on this later.

I have finished 13 heavily revised or brand new "dragon pages" since Wednesday. I had wanted to have 30. That was, perhaps, overly ambitious. 13 dragons are better than none -- that's what my rational mind is telling me to say. The goblins are really rattling the box right now, though. [reference this previous post for more on goblins]

I made my veggie-might sauce (not to be confused with "vegemite," the Australian yeast paste spread, which I also happen to like, but it is very, very different) with the addition of some crushed leftover meatballs - so veggie-meatie-might sauce - served over whole wheat macaroni, with a romaine heart salad.

This sauce is my one true original recipe as a cook, and I am very proud of it. David says I have to come up with a better name though. He says the association with yeast paste will doom me.

Some funk program on WCSB on the way to and from soccer. At dinner, David was spinning his 1972 playlist.

Random thing:
Genius Tiger rode my shoulder while I cooked dinner. He likes to do this. He purrs a lot and rubs his cheek against mine and watches what I am doing with my hands. It's the first time he's done this since before Christmas because I just haven't been cooking. Glad to get back to it.