Marrow to tofu

Totally exhausted, but ended the week with a date with my dear friend Julie. (We met in prenatal yoga more than 10 years ago, along with two other friends. We are collectively the yogamomz.)

We went to see a play that could have had the working title Domestication of a Sexually Liberated Woman, but that would have been too self aware. 50s-era sex comedy with a vampy witch who ends up swathed in yards of beige at the end. There were parts that were amusing, and the design was pleasing, but ... well, then we went to dinner, and that's where the real fun began.

Reading: Intro to Smitten Kitchen cookbook (fourth of the Xmas cookbooks), based on an uber popular food blog of the same name. Wonder when my blog is going to be so popular that I have to quite my day job to maintain it ... maybe I'll need to change my format.

She is a very different cook than I am, but I am looking forward to her recipes. I'll report back.

Writing: No, but the weekend is soon upon us, and I have an idea I am looking forward to experimenting with. (I know, dangling preposition in my "writing" heading. Leave me alone.)

Please buy me
more of this.

Dinner: Went to Cowell & Hubbard with Julie after the play. We shared the beef marrow (apologies to my veggie friends), and I had the tofu au poivre with broccoli rabe and mushrooms. Yes, marrow to tofu, that is the way I roll. In fact, maybe that will be the name of my uber popular food blog! I also had a lovely glass of Dave Phinney F-1 - a blend of grenache, syrah, and Bourdeaux varietals. I could really easily become a maniacal wine person, had I the time and money. And a glass of port for dessert, the name of which has eluded me. Not a port I had heard of before.

Actual cooking will happen this weekend.

Soundtrack: Julie was XMing raggae in her Mini Cooper named Rupert, as is her wont. She told me about some "chill" dj I need to check out, but like the name of the port I drank it has drifted away. I'll find out.

Random thing: An early evening nap.


  1. Ohhhh! So YOU are who Julie went to Cowell & Hubbard with. She was raving about this meal and date. I love the triangulating that happens in this town.


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