Lack of routine and a random duck

I was going to leave this until the end of the day Friday and do a two-day entry, but the dailiness of this is starting to get ingrained. I will be brief.

I have never been much of one for routine. In fact, have been mostly anti-routine. And yet, there are small moments in my day that recur on schedule and bring me great pleasure. My first sip of coffee in the morning, my morning writing (when I can get to it, which hasn't been this week) reading in the kids room while they fall asleep, the whole rhythm of the school week.

Completely random image!
I like coffee and I like ducks.

(You can buy this print from the Oatmeal.)

My work schedule has been non-routine this week, and it is wearing on me -- or maybe that is just what Thursday feels like. But, I am here, with my blarg. I can hold that part down.

Reading: No (lack of routine)
Though O did finish Big Joke Game. This is a milestone, his first real chapter book (as opposed to the short, limited vocabulary early reader books like Amelia Bedelia or thin Star Wars novels) that he read all on his own and with relish.

Writing: No (lack of routine)

Dinner: Mad rush kind of evening and no time when the four of us could sit down together. Pizza (with artichoke, black olives, red onions and feta) and salad from a local place we have recently started frequenting. Unfortunately it did not sit well with me. Not sure if this is me or the food. (lack of routine)

Soundtrack: Z was part of the Tiger Nation Instrumental Music Festival tonight. Orchestras and bands from elementary school through high school from all over the district. A lovely idea, it took such a very long time. I like for the young kids to see what is coming up for them. This is the second time this school year that Z has gotten to perform at the high school. She is beginning to feel like it is hers. And the Heights music program is an incredible treasure. The schools I grew up in had NOTHING that could compare to this.

I really liked the high school symphonic winds playing Pilatus Mountain of Dragons by Reineke. The principal oboist was truly outstanding.

And of course, 500 kids playing "Eye of the Tiger" is quite a thing to behold.

Home late, girl deliriously tire. (lack of routine)

Random thing: For someone who got out of my small hometown literally as fast as I could (moved solo to Atlanta 2 months after I turned 17), I sure do revel in the small town qualities of Cleveland Heights. Nice to see so many friendly faces at the concert.

And, so you know, I have a near maniacal affection for water fowl.