Working title

It is that part of winter break when the kids are still on vacation but the parents have to return to work. This is OK. Work is good too. ZandO spent the day playing with friends. They played so hard they almost refused to eat lunch, I am told.

Because this is a repository for shiny things, I won't mention my deep antipathy for the "conservative" wing of the US House of Representatives. (See what I did there?)

Back to reading Borrower's Afloat as kids' bedtime book. Finished Ch 12, in which the borrowers are nearly washed down the drain by a rush of sandalwood soapy water. If you have any interest in children's literature and you've never read the Borrowers books by Mary Norton, you should correct that as soon as possible. The frame story is forced, but once you get into the lives of the borrowers themselves, the writing is just so good. I mean sentence level writing as much or more so than the story itself.

Also, continuing Madeleine's Ghost for myself, wondering about its depiction of late 80s/early 90s trust-funded bohemia. I simultaneously enjoy it -- I was there, I knew people like this -- and wonder if it isn't too mannered and self-conscious. Maybe Girardi is a little too Brat Pack wannabe? Still, enjoying the book overall, admiring how he writes scene, and curious about where it goes.

Early morning 30 minutes, working into the parts where the dragons dwell.

I had to work late, so I called David and told him we had pork steaks in the freezer and sweet potatoes under the counter. He wowed me with breaded pork cutlets -- I mean they were really good, and I never would have thought to make them that way -- and candied sweet potatoes. Also, cinnamon applesauce.

O decided this was the night to begin cutting his own meat. It was athletic.


Random thing:
Z is making a large scale (1/3 life size?) family portrait out marker, crayon, and collage. She started this project a year ago and works on it a little at a time. Now she is working on the fantastical collaged clouds. O's cloud, for instance, is filled with the faces of American Girl dolls. Mine with LL Bean outerwear.