Interest bearing

O's last words to me before he went to sleep tonight were, "I really want at interest-bearing account."

Second very long work day in a row. This is challenging my sense of balance, but at least the last hour of it was a meeting with 4 other awesome, smart -- and very stylish, I might add -- women. And rye Old Fashioneds with my friend Barry, who lives in California but whose girlfriend lives a half a mile from me (two body problem). We met as precocious 16-year-olds, starting college and dissecting Aristotle. I was terribly shocking to him way back then. Now, we get to see each other a few times a year to drink and parse our various intellectual obsessions.

I drank a Pimm's Cup here.
Reading: In Madeleine's Ghost, I am reading a section set in New Orleans. A significant scene is set in the courtyard at the Napoleon House -- it's an illicit tryst and they are meeting in the Quarter because none of the people they know will be drinking there. Instead, it is "businessmen on convention, and housewives from Akron who wear their mortgages on their sleeve." I'm not sure what that last phrase means precisely, and I'm not from Akron, but I did have a drink and a sandwich IN THE COURTYARD OF THE NAPOLEON HOUSE when I was in town for my childhood companion's wedding last year. Being able to imagine the scene from memory tickled me inordinately.

Writing: blah - see what I said above about balance

Dinner: pinto bean and avocado salad from The Goodness of Beans, Peas, and Lentils, #3 of the Christmas cookbooks, a funny little volume I found at Loganberry, and picked up for David b/c we had been talking about the virtues of eating more lentils. Again, I chose, David executed. We agreed it was not the best-written recipe, but the salad was good in the end.

Soundtrack: WJCU was my college radio of choice today, and you know who kicks ass? Lucinda Williams kicks ass.

Random thing: Check out these amazing photos:


  1. Better get that boy a bank account !
    & yes, LW DOES kick asa!
    Have now in my possession a signed validation of official LOA 1985-86. Which I will forthwith mail to STRS who will then presumably tell me that for X $$ I can "buy back" .6 yrs. And retire. In June. VERY mixed emotions. And had SO much fun with my new class today. ...


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