I like big words and new wave music

Kids at other grandparents in Lakewood, David and I took advantage of the opportunity to see a movie. Lincoln and Tony Kushner get the Oscar for best use of the word "ossified" in an American motion picture.

Seriously, the screenplay has a pleasingly large vocabulary and elegant rhetoric. And the acting ain't bad either.
Best role of James Spader's career

I will leave the deeper critique and historical debate to another time and place.


Briefly, with plans for a big push this weekend.

Sushi with my special someone. (And a great ginger-honey-Hendrick's cocktail)

This surprised me on the radio. Not a song I think about a lot, but I liked it back then and I like it now.

Random thing:
I got this card in the mail from my friend Harriett. She said it reminded her of me, and I am pleased and flattered.
Woman with Hatboxes in the Snow by M. Broman