Her patronus is a fawn in need of mothering

Z and were working on violin practice tonight -- whe is working on the Becker Gavotte in Suzuki Book 3 -- and I asked her what story she wanted to tell with this piece of music, how to break down the mood of each section -- and she told me the story of a "patronus fawn" cautious because it was being watched and then happily running through the forest. In the last section it accidentally trips and falls into a pond and its mommy comes to rescue it. Felt like a gentle but important reminder. She is so smart and self-possessed it is easy lose sight of how much she still wants to be enfolded in care. [I could write a whole essay on my relationship to Z and my thoughts on attachment parenting here.]

Also, David accomplished an amazing freezer purge and cleaning and organizing. It is beautiful to behold, and I made chicken/vegetable stock with the bones and bits that had been accumulating for just this day. (Nevermind that this was prompted by a large influx of Market Day superprocessed items. I so rarely purchase processed foods. Leave me alone about that.)

Reading: More of the twentysomething article. Now I'm just depressed. Also, Madeilene's Ghost. Why does it take me so long to read a book? I actually almost lost this book yesterday, and wonder if is a sign to read something else.

Writing: Just reformatting what I sent to my group, because somehow it had been stripped of line spacing. Blerg.

Dinner: Winter squash (pumpkin and buttercup, both from City Fresh, in storage until now in my incredibly fabulous pantry [ed. : I was going to insert an image of a crazy pantry Kate Anna! sent me, but I forgot until after I published this. Damn.] ), bok choy, and red bell pepper curry over rice.

Buttercup = best squash ever

The curry was a coconut milk base. I had one can of coconut milk and some leftover cream of coconut, so it was on the sweet side. I did not blend my own curry, but used a combo of grocery store curry poweder, garam masala and balti, with a bit of extra tumeric. Also fresh ginger, garlic, and onion. Finished it with chopped almonds, a squeeze of lemon and some sriracha. It was special.


Class dismissed. Although I am tempted to tell you about the first time I listened to London Calling, as a 12-year-old, visiting my cousin in New York, and staying in the room of an absent roommate with a small turntable and a crate full of records.

Random thing: Z needed to do research for a folk tale she is writing for an imagined culture she has invented. She was looking up "red animals," in the course of which we found this magnificent fellow, a red stag with a crown of ferns: http://www.flickr.com/photos/norman-bates/7507831700/in/pool-612717@N21/ (You have to follow the link, because I am unable to embed this pic.)