Fighting the fog on Z's day

And then there was this person.

She is 10 today. I remember turning 10. I also remember rubbing lotion into her very long feet when she was a newborn, wondering who she would be -- a circus performer, probably, with those feet -- and promising her everything. I never could have predicted everything she has shown me and all the people she has brought into my life or her intensity of spirit and her need for people. She is and has been pretty  much from day 1 the most social person I have ever known. How much I miss the small person she was and how much I enjoy the big person she is becoming.

I wrapped up a pair of gel heel cups for a present - because she needed them for her soccer cleats so I bought them, so why not wrap them and put them with her "real" presents. Strangely, she seemed genuinely glad to get them. It was the first thing she showed her grandparents when they came over.

Meanwhile, boy still sick, and me wobbling too. Felt like a lost day, and I just had a sick day two weeks ago. Sick days make me feel out of sync and in danger of darkness.

Reading: Story books to O

Writing: No, and this is part of the out sync part. Blah.

Dinner: Takeout Chinese - girl's choice for birthday dinner

Soundtrack: She got Just Dance 4 for her birthday (especially so she can play it with her two besties coming for a sleepover this weekend). We checked it out after school. This is her pop culture.

Random thing: What does one notice in the fog? -- the litany of negative things is long and pestering me, but the point of this blog is not the negative things (and who really cares if my house is a mess?) I noticed today how you can see Calvin's brick (we bought it to be in front of CPT, and then brought it home when the sidewalk in front of CPT was torn up and redone) from the window of my front door. In this weather is is very bare, but it reminded me of the time to come in the spring when we will plant flowers around it. I like to put primroses there.

I would like to be a slightly less neglectful gardener this spring. Just ever so slightly, if I could fit it in with all the rest of this.