Don't fight the funk

I am tired and a little bit depressed. Lack of routine is wearing on me. Post holiday doldrums and diminished writing time are making me cranky. I haven't been feeding myself well - skipping breakfast, neglecting to pack lunch, not cooking. My house is a mess, and I am behind at work. Mostly, I think I need a nap. I am trying to just ride with it and not fight the funk. Fighting the funk makes the funk more powerful, I have found.

Bootsy says, "Don't fight the funk."

And consider this: Everything that explains the world has in fact explained a world that does not exist, a world in which men are at the center of the human enterprise and women are at the margin "helping" them. Such a world does not exist -- never has. -Gerda Lerner, 1920-2013 RIP. She earned her PhD in 1966, at the age of 46, in an era when women were not particularly welcomed in history, and she went on to found an entire academic discipline. So, whatever it is you are thinking of doing. why not go ahead and do it?

A little more Madeleine's Ghost.

Three paragraphs well revised.

Final feast of the holiday season, Chez Hansen, in Lakewood. Steak, baked potato, peas and lettuce, salad, shiraz.

I really enjoyed the "Cool Chick #59" program on WCSB for 20 minutes on my way to work this morning. I wish the playlist was on the website because I couldn't catch the titles when they were read. The description online is "sleepy crunchy." Maybe one of the songs was by The Sleepy Trees? Did I make that up? I write in fear and trepidation that the dj will be like, "No way. That has nothing to do with what I play."  I am so f-ing out of it.

And Orson interpreting the current Alicia Keys hit as  "This Girl is a Liar" and busting out an a capella "Tutti Frutti."

Random thing:
David shared this with me today. It is kind of perfect.

This entry has taken me too long to write. Good night.