Cocky mini post w/o illustration because that would take too long

Very brief. I am up too late, packaging up 36 pages to send to writers group.

Reading: Started the NYer Critic at Large piece about books about 20-somethings. Made me miss my Icelandic friends, laugh out loud, and rethink my ideas about my 20s. Which is something, because my conversation last night for my friend's project have me rethinking my 20s too.

Writing: To paraphrase Jonathan Richman: With gusto! Damn, you bet! As I just told my group, the closer I get to the "real thing" of this book the more I see there is left to do. But I feel more optimistic than I ever have.

Dinner: OMG the pizza I made. Red sauce with garlicky sauteed beet greens, freshly roasted red peppers, and salami. I challenge you to make a better pizza.

Monday night seems to be becoming pizza night. At least we have two down and a freezer full of Alesci's dough bought on special, so I say why the hell not. I wonder what next week's will be.

Soundtrack: Not particularly. Tried some early Beatles base genius mix, but it somehow got lost in an eddy of Queen and Hendrix. Not that I have anything against Queen and Hendrix, but just not my thing today.

Jonathan Richman really would have been more fitting. I surrender.

Random thing: Oh, who knows. So many. I have become obsessed with dogs. I say "doggy doggy doggy" to myself when I am driving and I see an attractive dog. There is a particular kind of larger-sized spaniel with a very feathery tail - white with caramel markings - that I have been seeing near Shaker Square recently. I like that dog.

Also, forgot to mention that David and I watched The King's Speech on Netflix this weekend. If nothing else, I like watching Firth and Rush together on screen, both so nuanced in expression. And nice to see Helena Bonham Carter not playing someone demented looking. I really liked the relationship Rush's character had with his family. I also like the colors. I have been very into the color scheme of movies. Lincoln registered on that wavelength with me too.