Under 20, dammit

Anita Loos photographed by Edward Steichen
presence of photo explained below, as though a picture like this requires an explanation.

This exercise in blarg-- blerg-- uh, blogging is enjoyable, but I think I have been breaking my 20-minute rule rather regularly. So, the challenge now is to keep it under 20. And, somehow, it took me 2 minutes to write that first sentence. No wonder it is taking me so long to write the tome of tomorrow ... that's my official new name for it. Tome of Tomorrow, or ToT for short. No more of this BiP or E(ndless)BiP or what have you.

Continuing on with the Lurie. Looking forward to beginning something new tomorrow.
Also, the writing letters chapter from Bird by Bird

Muchly, at the hospitable Donkey.

O and I made a nice succotash with shallots and a splash of half and half to perk up the frozen limas and corn. My mom made a second night of Yorkshire pudding, because she could. If you have bothered to render suet, you might as well make a Yorkshire pudding. That's our family motto. Along with leftover beef and gravy from Christmas dinner.

Johnny Cash is always welcome on a coffeehouse sound system. "Coffeehouse Soundsystem" -- that's the name of my new band. We do acoustic covers of LCD Soundsystem tunes.

Random thing:
Things float around in my head, get submerged, and then resurface at the most random times. Today, while working on a scene that involves no one at all like her, I started thinking about the portrait of Anita Loos that was part of the Youth and Beauty: American Art of the American Twenties exhibit that traveled through Cleveland this summer. It is by Edward Steichen, and it makes me want to cut off all my hair. And it makes me want to know more about Anita Loos, beyond Gentleman Prefer Blondes.

Please, I would like someone to send me on assignment to write an essay about Anita Loos. Please? Thank you.

/and cut, at 21 minutes. Sorry no time for linkies.


  1. Very well. Since you insist...Here is your assignment.

    You MUST write an essay about Anita Loos. It should contain the following words: vitriolic, Tierra del Fuego, scantily, embargo, fisticuffs, centillion, Zeitgeist...although in all likelihood it will not because, well, why would it?

    You must spend more than 20 minutes writing it, but if you want, you can later cut and paste it into your blog since the cutting and pasting part will take far less than 20 minutes so it totally won't break your rule. No, really. It will be fine.

    Okay, sure, you hardly know me and it's not like this is a PAYING assignment or anything, but you DID ask and by golly it really is fun to make up writing assignments for other people, don't you think?

    You do? Oh good. So now you can give me an assignment. Like for instance, to write something, ANYTHING, in my own goddamn blog, which I started a year ago to force myself to write more often. And you know how many entries it has a year later? Three. THREE! Pathetic, right?

    Perhaps I need to follow your rules. I typically take 20 minutes on the first sentence alone.

    1. You have piqued my interest. Is there any connection between Tierra del Fuego and Anita Loos? Any at all? How can I create one if one is not readily apparent? I like.

      Your assignment is this: find three general categories of activity or thought in which you engage fairly regularly (you like food, could be food, or parenting, or existentialism, or candy, or movies, or presidential history. It doesn't really matter. Whatever floats your boat) - make headings out of them - now write no more than one paragraph about the latest instance of each. Repeat on a set schedule (every other day). Rules and structure can be very useful in a creative endeavour.


  2. Challenge accepted. Gosh, I wonder if I'll even remember my password to get into my blog...hummm.

    I am unaware of any connection between Tierra del Fuego and Anita Loos, but who knows? Perhaps there is one. If not, feel free to create one. I never said it had to be a completely factual essay, did I?

  3. It ain't shiny, but it's done. Thanks.


  4. I am now subscribed to your blog. :) Keep going!


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