Two-two-two Days in One ...

Today was all about the preparations for a week at Wolf Manor - finishing up shopping (thank you Loganberry, where I found the perfect things for all the malingering oddballs on my list), finishing up work, or at least packaging it so that it can be finished remotely, cleaning house, packing, planning for Christmas dinner dessert (leaning towards a pear and almond pudding).

Yesterday was work and play and an evening with the "yogamomz" - women and their families I have known since I was pregnant with Z. My sisters for whom I am so thankful. It was a (not the) end of the world party. We all wore the same goofy plastic necklaces. We drank beer and ate Julie's incredibly good venison pie. Karl played "11:59" for me at 11:59.


Yesterday morning, some energizing stuff. Today, nothing.

Yesterday homemade venison pie. (I sadly never had any of Karl's chili)  Tonight pepperoni, mushroom, olive, broccoli pizza from Whole Foods.

Karl's apocalyptic list.
Today I noticed that the Duran Duran version of "White Lines" really kicks ass, and Bob Dylan doing Santa themed polka is really bizarre.

 Random thing:
This made me cry. It is about embracing joy and turning your face to the light in the face of evil. About showing your children the bigness of living. I say it is good.