Put a bow on it

picture from the bow-making link. 
The elves suggest that you might like to make your own wrapping paper, with rubber stamps or paint or even collage. 

But also this: MAKE YOUR OWN BOWS WITH MAGAZINE PAGES:  http://howaboutorange.blogspot.com/2009/10/make-gift-bow-from-magazine-page.html

You're welcome. 

Not much -- the chapter on making phone calls in Bird by Bird, (because it was next, not because the chapter spoke to me) which was funny to me as I loathe the telephone. And a tiny bit more of Calvin Trillin's essay on Oaxaca in the recent food issue of the New Yorker. I think I will start something new before I fall asleep. Not sure what yet.

Mostly manuscript organization -- I discovered things I forgot I had written! And relocated things I didn't know I had lost. Also, some revision in bold new territory.

Leftover brisket "bolognese" over penne with aged gouda in lieu of parm. (awesome!), and a green salad.

Brubeck Quartet and related items -- and in the afternoon "The Locomotion"

Random thing:
Entering the library, I made it through the first set of doors and in the little antechamber, was diverted from my straight path by the man coming out the doors to the left. He held the door open and said, "Here use this one," before I could open my own door. It was the sentence I liked as much as the act.