Punk Rock Supergroup

Long day, brief blog.

Kim's last day at work and I hire her replacement. #circleoflife

Made my daughter cry when I yelled at her for locking the bathroom door on her brother.

Found out I had had 2500 postcards printed with the wrong year on them.

But over all, not a bad day.

Women and Ghosts by Allison Lurie. Feeling a great affinity for her right now

Some good non-manuscript writing this morning. A bit of manuscript writing after this, before succumbing

(lunch was at the Greenhouse Tavern, and was divine, as expected. Not, however, a big fan of the mucilaginous "60 minute egg.")

Kraft mac-n-cheese and salty roasted cauliflower, after Z's science fair exhibition, whilst David gamboled at his company holiday party.

I am officially sick of Christmas music, awkward as I live with such dorky carolphiles.

On the other hand, Karl issued a challenge for an end of the world playlist for a party on the 21st. That's fun. "11:59" by Blondie was the first to leap to mind. I also have an inordinate fondness for "Apocalypso" by Lords of the New Church, from their eponymous album, which I spent my early adolescence playing on endless repeat while I fell asleep at night.

Lords Of The New Church
Punk rock "supergroup" - is this an oxymoron?

Random thing:
Uh, did I mention I am sick of Christmas music. Also, I got a a PURPLE TURNIP at City Fresh, and Anna's Christmas card has a javelina on it, which makes me homesick for Tucson (no, I have never lived in Tucson, but having visited twice, I am sure the Sonoran Desert is my spiritual home).