of spoon rings and speculoos

Christmas eve and day were both remarkably lovely. There have been times in my life when I have been trapped by depression and self-consciousness about my inability to rise above it, and that functioned like a stiff, painful body cage of sorts, keeping me always uncomfortably at a remove from the celebration. One of the things I am most thankful for is that those times are past. I am present and available to this place and time, these people and all their quirks, opinions, and great love.
also comes in handy for flipping the bird

And I also got fantastic gifts from all quarters. I think my favorite is the spoon ring with a T monogram, given to me by Z, who stood over me with much delightful anticipation as I opened it. And that's saying something, because I also got a new laptop (desperately needed, as I have been working on a tiny netbook with 2/3 of a working screen for far, far too long. Imagine typing inside of a kindergartner's cubby.)

I got to sit by the fire with a toddy and read Women and Ghosts, just as I hoped. Not all day as I had fantasized, but for a nice chunk of the afternoon. So far, I like the first story best, although the one about the haunted chesterfield is amusing.

On a side note, all the books (most purchased at the lovely Loganberry) I gave for Christmas seemed well received, including Found vol II for Cousin Nick, Ape House for my mom and auntie to share, Sutton and Skyjack for Chris, and best of all Throat Sprockets for my sister, which is one of my favorite books ever. The copy I own is the galley I picked up in my bookstore days and I've always half thought it only exists in that form. I came across the copy I gave Adri at Myopic Books, which is a place everyone who is ever in Chicago for any reason should go to.

Good 3 hour chunk on xmas eve at the Donkey.

I had the great pleasure to have a roast beef dinner that I have very little part in preparing. However, I did doctor the gravy successfully, make damned fine Old Fashioneds, and throw together a pear and speculoos crumble. Sort of like this, with a combo of Royal Riviera pears (gifted from David's Aunt DeDe) and NEO macintosh apples with a tiny bit of cardamom and some Club crackers to supplement a paucity of speculoos cookies. Les crumbles are all the rage is Paris, don't you know?

Z got a ipod shuffle. Her first act was to download Taylor Swift's new(?) album. She plugged in her earbuds and walked around the house singing along. "trouble, trouble, trouble"

Random thing:
My children never got out of their pjs yesterday, not even for our fancy dinner.