It's ALIVE!!!

"by the glimmer of the half-extinguished light, I saw the dull yellow eye of the creature open; it breathed hard, and a convulsive motion agitated its limbs." -- Mary Shelley, Frankenstein, Chapter 5

I was foiled last year, a whole year ago, trying to write a post about my experience seeing Cabaret and a variety of ruminations I had about my younger self, feminism, life, and Sally Bowles. It got all tangled up and I could never get it to say what I wanted it to, and it killed my already frail blogger self.

That post on Sally Bowles was really not appropriate for a blog. It would have made a nice ruminative essay for some kind of schmancy boheme mag.

The whole point of this place here is not to be a solipsistic schmancy boheme mag in miniature. As the title suggests the whole point is for it to be a solipsistic collection of things that catch my fancy. Quick bits of shiny.

I will take a cue from The David, King of All Blogs, and will incorporate some basic guidelines and templates. Call it the Reanimated Magpie Manifesto, if you will:

Rule #1 I will write about whatever strikes me the given day I am blogging. If something spills over, a la Sally Bowles, into some lengthy meditation, it will be immediately amputated and moved to a place more appropriate for essayistic ambitions.

Rule #2 I am allowed to spend no more than 20 minutes on the enterprise. Bits. Shiny, shiny bits.

Rule #3 Though I can and will write about whatever has caught my fickle eye, I will surrender myself to my major preoccupations: reading, writing, food, music, and the pleasure of odd things and will allow space for specific notation of these items, in specific I will do this:

Almost done with Oscar Wao, also a chapter of Bird by Bird, and lots of internet stuff about leftist politics, objectivism, anarchists, the American Indian Movement, and radical feminism.

1000+ words of new stuff, finally getting out stuff that's been in my head but not the page.

Beef brisket with dried fruit and aromatic spices (, egg noodles, green salad. Happy fourth night of Hanukkah! 
(Brisket was yummy but disappointingly tough after all the marinating and slow wet cooking.)

Weirdly, a Spotify station based on Eric Burdon and the Animals. (Has to do with a scene I thought I was going to work on and then promptly did not.)

Random thing:
My friend Barry, on his own obsessive tear, asked me to track down the subject of an Ezra Pound essay for him. I don't own the book of Pound essays in question, but I managed to find the full text online ( less than 5 minutes. Barry bowed down to my Google-foo.

And so, we will try this for a while. Having already broken rule #2, I will now go do something else.