Fly home

It was a 7 hawk trip.

Day of homecoming. I am impressed and gladdened with how happy to be home ZandO are. They are giddy with it. And yet also sorry to have their week at MP's over. It is nice when the thing you are leaving and the thing you are arriving at are both things you love.

David and I celebrated with Dr. Who, Knob Creek rye old fashioneds, and folding laundry. We really know how to live it up around here.

None yet


Simple Spiced Black Beans (an old standby from the Vegetarian Times Complete Cookbook), yellow rice from a box and frozen "farmer's market blend" (broccoli, green and wax beans, red peppers, and yellow and orange carrots). Feels good to cook, even simply.

Bluegrass and old timey music on WOUB for a suprisingly long part of the journey home.

Random thing:
It was a 7 hawk drive home. Two in flight and the others puffed up grandly in the cold. (It was a 6 hawk drive going down last week.) I watch for hawks on car trips, and I have a personal superstition that the more hawks the better the trip. As a child of the 70s, I thought hawks and other big birds were rare, but (as I understand it) as ddt in North America has left the avian food chain, more and more of them thrive -- I am not an expert, and I am not taking the time to research this statement. I feel a thrill each time I see one. I believe the birds I count are mostly red-tailed hawks, but I am curious what others there are that I might misidentify.