Damsel in Distress

Me and the box.
(and lawsy me! googling "damsel in distress" images reminds me
that I need to turn on the parental controls.)

So I bought David something large, heavy, and unwieldy for Christmas. (There is a joke in there, I'm sure. I will pause now while you formulate your own version ... ) It was delivered yesterday while I was out. The UPS guy(s) left it behind the house. When ZandO and I got home it was raining hard and threatening snow. I did not think that David's new object should be left out in the rain. Moving an object 3/4 your own height and twice your width that weighs 98 lbs (I just looked it up. That's how much it weighs.), in the cold wind and rain, is no small feat. I managed to get it into the side door, so it was out of the rain, but I couldn't get it up the stairs into the kitchen, so I couldn't close the door, which meant I couldn't leave to take ZandO to music lessons.

I sat down and literally put my head in my hands. I had that deep existential gut exhaustion that makes you feel like crying (and also signals a need to return to a regular workout schedule), and I felt helpless. O said, "It's okay, mom. I know how you feel. I had to wait 5 weeks for you to give me my allowance once." David  was at work and couldn't be home for hours. He encouraged me to call someone to come help. Who? I hate asking for help. It means I'm helpless.

I told the kids we'd miss music lessons, and I lay down on my bed and thought about all the ways I have failed in my life. O came and cuddled up with me. We breathed together for a while. Then I had a bright idea. I posted on my neighborhood facebook page that I needed help ... and in LESS THAN 5 MINUTES help arrived -- in the form of Barb, a smart, funny retired grandmother and neighborhood dog walker, eye-keeper-on, and co-block party planner extraordinaire. I knew Barb was bad ass, but I had no idea she was so BAD ASS! "I actually life weights," she told me after tidily helping me to walk the box up two stairs then tip it and slide it into the kitchen. My heroine!

I love my neighborhood.

(Oh, and Whit Stillman released a movie last year called Damsels in Distress? Why did I not know this? I love Whit Stillman.)

Still inching through story 1 in the Lurie book. "Ilse's House." Studying her magical realist technique. Wishing I had a whole day to cuddle up with this book and have someone bring me hot toddies at regular intervals. (I know what I'm doing on Christmas.)


Mushroom barley soup, with the last little bits of the Hanukkah brisket. Next year, I am doing an 8 Nights of Miraculous Brisket recipe collection.

Katie Goodman's I Didn't F*ck It Up!, which my boss that I should hear. Very funny rauncy, middle aged, liberal, feminist comedy songs, but "Soccer Mom Hos" should have been a lot funnier than it was.

Random thing:
O and I often stop in at On the Rise bakery after his drum lesson to get a cookie and sit and read or play a game. Tonight, I was so beat by the box that I bought a cookie for everyone in the family just so I could justify having a whole cookie (apricot pecan bar) myself. We started in on O's new "Top Secret Adventure" pack from Highlights, which is 100% exactly the kind of thing I would have loved as a kid. As we left O held hand and said, "On the Rise is a pretty great place, don't you think?"