All Hail the Goblin King

Today is the day when vacation begins to feel surreal. The hype of the holiday is over and we are all just here, out of routine. Picked my mom up from the dentist, made clay figures with O, went to see The Hobbit. Fretted about things in real life, but tried to keep it to a minimum since there is nothing to be done from here. Was still watching The Hobbit. Ha Ha. It was fun cuddling up with Z and trading whispered remarks and funny faces. My favorite part of the movie was the goblin king. And, in fact, the clay figure I made earlier, sort of resembled him. 

That'll do it.
And, OK, fine, I was excited when Smaug's eye opened and was ready to keep watching, but 3 movies? Really? And 3 movies shot under labor dispute, prompting the NZ government to declare film production workers can not organize? Not shiny, Peter Jackson. Shiny thing fail. And someday, when I have nothing better to do, I would like to find out how Jackson convinced anyone to green light LotR.

Still, with the Lurie.

Yes, fleshing out some scenes that have always beeen sketchy. Good, chewy work. Trying to ignore the demon voices. Hey, maybe if I begin to think of them as goblins rather than demons, I can dispatch them with greater ease.

As an aside, if you ever create a character and then realize you need to tar over her in order to make way for the true course of the story, be prepared to suddenly miss her with a visceral pang at unexpected moments.

Take out Chinese after the movie, with my sister.

Z added One Direction to her ipod, so we have that going on.

Random thing:
I am finally making friends with the elusive Frankie, the half-feral, fluffy, pastel calico under my mother's protection.

P.S. My hobbit name is said to be Dolly Burrows. What's yours?