A positive light appeared to issue from Fezziwig's calves

Breakfast with Jelly and Kosh, Z's final indoor soccer game of session (they went down fighting), drive to Athens listening to Patrick's Stewart's Christmas Carol, arrival and first night of merriment. O and Grumpa Chris (aka Detroit) built battery-powered electro-magnets and played pool while listening to Lou Reed (which O declared "good pool playing music") in the garage. Z worked on her powerpoint about her year. Wine and good food and cheesy Christmas movie. In bed by 10. Party on.

Gave a georgous new(ish) book on the Kokoon Club to J&K. They gave us a bottle of Knob Creek rye. All good.

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What is the Kookon Club, you ask? "At times shocking, fun and outrageous, a group of local artists who formed the Kokoon Klub [sic] and started hosting Bal Masques in 1911 did more than bring out vice squads or orders from Cleveland mayors to cancel one of the hottest events in the city. They introduced modern art to Cleveland." (Read whole article here.)

Only reading I did today was the Magic Treehouse Jack & Annie save Charles Dickens from writers block book I am reading to the kids. O was allowed to pick one holiday book from the school book fair last month and this is it. It's big on highlighting the plight of children in Victorian England and portrays Dickens at this point in his career as simultaneously revered by the public and totally out of step with contemporary views on such issues.

No, but December sabbatical #2 begins today. Stay tuned for details.

My mom made a beef and butternut stew with chickpeas and lots of cinnamon.

Calvin Harris's I Created Disco is really good driving music.

Random thing:
I got to see Patrick Stewart do his one-man Christmas Carol on Broadway 100,000 years ago. He is so freaking good. His Fezziwig scene will live in my heart forever.