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We All Have to Wear Clothes

Clothes are very important to me, though not as important as shoes, and not as important as they are to the woman who writes What I Wore Today (or the many other blogs with similar titles) ... or even as they are to guys over at Fuck Yeah Menswear (which is brilliantly funny).

In my freshman year of high school, I prided myself on never wearing the same outfit twice, and I could tell you the story behind every one of them. (I might have been given to calling them "ensembles" then ... a few years ago at my brother-in-law's wedding in Minnesota I ran into a woman I'd gone to high school with in Athens, OH, who still recalled my influential lecture on the critical difference between outfits and ensembles. I blush.)  I managed to do this by thrifting (bargain bag day at Volunteers of America, oh yeah!) and frequenting the local vintage shop so much that they finally hired me to dress their windows.

When I was 17 and temporarily living in Atlanta, Dick Hebdige's book on…