AIKSGNP ep. 346 Postscript

O is pictured here enjoying the shirt in question.

To answer a question from Mati re burning the shirt upon arrival: The short answer is that it seems well proven that prohibition breeds desire. So, while I don't have to buy Barbie t-shirts, I am not going deny the ones that come in with other juicy hand-me-downs. Plus, and, I think this way is ultimately more subversive.

The longer answer is much more complicated, as is this whole dance of living within and even enjoying a culture with which I want my children to learn to engage critically. I will continue addressing this in dribs and drabs. (Stay tuned for "How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Princesses.")


  1. Oh, ALL RIGHT. Yes. I have the same general approach. But it's not like anyone would SEE it before it was turned into toilet cloth (burning is messy).

  2. I have commented several times but it's never shown up- get any of them?
    I LOVE shiny things and have shared it (print of course, she doesn't do computers) with Alana.
    Anyway, I'm kinda surprised you ever had any hesitation over the shirt!!
    And yeah, when you and tim were kids, didn't he have the most soulful (and by that we mean GIRL) eyes?! And you prob had tar in your chopped up hair... xo mama


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